Über uns

immediate effects founding principle is to offer only such trainings that are delivering an immediate and measurable enhancement on your productivity. Our seminars deliver very practical skills which the participant can immediately use at work or home to save valuable time, reduce stress and become more efficient.

We have very stringent demands on the quality and sustainability of the methodologies we apply in our trainings, but also on our trainers and partners we work together with. All our training products delivers measurable results and can be used to calculate a Return On Investment. This we believe, is the best way to prove our value and attract credibility.

We have been successful positioning ourselves as the leading provider of productivity trainings in the UK and in all German speaking markets. Amongst our top customers you’ll find companies such as Zürich, Generali, Mobilkom, SAP, P&G, Spardat, PWC, but also Institutions and Ministries such as UNOV, OSCE and the Austrian Ministry of Defense.

immediate effects is a company and network of licensed partners, responsible for the delivery and customer engagement in their respective market areas. Thus it is possible for us to build good local customer relationships and deliver bespoke trainings fitting the culture and language of each market.

immediate effects is also a partner of askeljung.com a training business focused on Sales, Negotiation and Communication training.