Effective email correspondence and -management

Email is an important tool in many people’s working lives. It has the potential to add value, but also to contribute to employee dissatisfaction and to even be detrimental to our well-being. Most people really hate email and it is not surprising. We’re drowning in it. According to the research firm The Radicati Group , the average employee receives 121 email per day and is expected to rise to over 140 in 2018. What’s worse, there’s a lot of important matter hidden in those messages. If you’re armed only with your standard email client theres is little chance of finding quickly what is most important and quickly reponds to them according to priority.

Not all email is created equal. Newsletters, status updates, and so forth aren’t nearly as relevant to us as a personal note from the boss or a message from a client or co-worker.

What we need is a methodology for handling email better and make the inbox less a dumping ground than a jumping-off point for managing our most important projects and relationships.

ProMail helps you with an easy to apply method for how to sift through your email and decide on where they should go; in the dumpster, in your filing system or take action upon. But that’s only the beginning.

Not everyone finds it easy to communicate clearly using email. How to write fast and effeciently, reach your objective with the reader and avoid unnessesary replies and questions are furhter areas we focus on in this program. The content of email is a potential stressor at work. Not reflecting on your email writing style and checking your messages for ambiguity, may contribute to misinterpretation, conflict and disharmony at work. This is often neglected.

ProMail is a method enabling a high level of efficiency and organisation for your email, based on our ProWork and ProWrite programs, contributing to better communication and understanding in your organisation.


In this one-day workshop, you will learn how to:

  • deal with the influx of email most effectively and how to quickly achieve an empty inbox!
  • write succinctly and clear
  • get the desired results and actions from the reader
  • avoid unnecessary replies and questions
  • utilize calendar and to-do lists most effectively
  • avoid stress and empty your head of work related thoughts at the end of each day!

Target Group

Everyone who writes email and wants to speed up their processing and handling of thereof.


You will learn:

  • design and structure of successful email
  • action-oriented writing
  • writing effective subject lines
  • how to use simple, specific words and how to eliminate unnecessary ones
  • about appropriate sentence length, correct paragraphing, appropriate voice and style
  • Best practices from ProWork®:
    • The five steps to mastering workflow
    • email and task management system setup


This one-day workshop is usually conducted over 2 x 3-hour sessions; however, we can adapt programs to meet your special needs. This delivery schedule is based on a powerful adult learning model that allows participants ample time to practice and consolidate their skills between sessions. In this way, skill enhancement is greater, and retention is improved. Participants also is given a Certificate on completion of this training program.

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