ProMailProMail® – Die Methodik

ProMail® – Method

The effectiveness of the ProMail method is based on the idea of identifying all your activities and keep them in view at all times, so you are free to choose what to do next without ever missing any deadlines. Participants also learn how to write fast and efficiently, reach their objective with the recipient so to avoid unnecessary replies and questions from arising.

Blended learning and sustainability

We use the latest technology for blended learning. During the workshop participants are welcome to bring their own laptops or tablets with them for immediate utilization of the system. Many interactive exercises ensure the learning transfer and guarantees an up-beat and fun learning environment. After the workshop, participants can immediately use the system and follow up using our secure online access for accessing further learning materials and guidelines.

Workshop methods

  • Short lectures
  • Demos using your software and Apps
  • Workshop activities with participants’ own laptops or tablets

Ongoing individual and group coaching

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