Effective and Agile Self-Management

In this workshop your will learn how to change your perception of work and how to deal with your workload more efficiently, agile and effective. Any input like emails, papers, posts, messenger apps and software systems, tend to mean more work for us. But how to managa your time and priorities when you don’t see all of what that means for you?

You will learn to set up actions, projects, objectives and goals to follow up on, in-time. Experience full control of your workload and better focus on what is important to you, while stress and pressure disappears.

Enhanced effectiveness with less stress

Within an hour, you feel hope and relief. Within a day you feel power as you gain order and control. In 3 weeks you have comfortable new habits. You relax. You do more. Stress plummets. Creativity soars. Procrastination stops. Your office stays clean. You find anything in an instant. You feel better about your entire life. Guaranteed.


You will learn how to capture, organize, review and best choose all pending activities within a seamless system, ensuring control and successful completion of all your work.

Target Group

Everyone who struggle with priorities, deadlines, stress and loss of focus.


Learn about how to:

  • use Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes for capturing anything and everything that has your attention
  • focus on managing your actions, not your inboxes
  • smart access to priorities and clever time-management
  • how to always find anything you need for getting things done
  • keep yourself continuously updated with ease
  • develop further reach in your life by adding higher levels of planning, such as purpose, vision, goals, areas of focus and projects
  • make better use of notes and apps, filing systems and your PC/Tablet

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