ProWorkProWork® – Return On Investment

ProWork® – Return on investment

We always measure the effectiveness of the training and the results achieved by the participants during the training. All participants receive a certificate and an anonymous overview of the group results from the training a few days after completion.

With ProWork, you will benefit from enhanced productivity, achieving your goals and objectives on-time with less stress. ProWork offers lasting and measurable results, helping you and your organization gaining the upper hand.

The programs we have developed are targeted towards “Knowledge Workers”, i.e. any person in any organization and in any segment dealing with a large information flow, abundance of various tasks and projects and in the need to read and write volumes to share every day.

ProWork helps you to gain clarity about your commitments, tasks and projects you are dealing with in order to allow for a functioning priority- and time-management system to take root.


Below you will see some typical training results from different clients. Based on our questionnaire participants answer before and a month after the training, we calculate the average gain in efficiency. The results are consolidated as average minutes saved per day and participant, typically ranging from 30-120 minutes!

The Return on Investment is impressive. Already within a few days the training has paid for itself and within a year – many times over.


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