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Below are some numerous testimonials we have received from selected Enterprises, Educational- and NGO Institutions.

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“With this course, the way I work now is much more efficient and better documented than before. My head is clear and I can focus better on the tasks at hand and relax better when I get home!” 

Mr Spallier Geert, Mondi Packaging, Belgium 2007

 “If your desk is full of papers and piles of stuff, your Email spills over and you’re constantly surprised by urgent tasks, that a moment ago wasn’t on your radar, then this seminar is for you. The principles are easy to understand and even more easy to adopt. When you finally manage to really collect everything that represents work in your life, the feeling of control and relaxations is incredible!”

Mr Stephan Bauer, Aestomed, Austria 2006

“Since I use the system consistently, my desk and my inbox is empty, my head is free of thoughts of work and my tasks – earlier lost in piles and email – are neatly collected in my Smart Phone for instant review and choice at any time. The best thing is that I actually now never forget anything! I have become much better at deciding what to do and what not.”

Martin Wawrusch, Neovalis IT Development GmbH, Austria, 2006

“Thanks to ProWork, I’ve realized both professional and private benefits, now feel an inner peace and contentment even in my hectic environment.

„Renate Kleinl, SAP, Austria, 2006

“The ProWork methodology is very helpful. Now I can handle my work and life much more effectively. The feeling is very liberating and the 2-minute rule works very well!”

Petra Bauer, SAP, Austria, 2006

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