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ProWork® – Course contents

Think about it. With most of our ad‐hoc tasks coming in through email, and with email out‐of‐control, we need a solution which organizes and integrates both. Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Google Tasks and other Software commonly used offers tools for integrated task and email management, but they are largely unknown and unused. When combined with training on proven best practices of task and email management, they offer a strong productivity package.

The ProWork® system offers the solution. The ProWork® system is documented in the ProWork® Workbook and shows you how to get your workday truly organized using your available Software and Apps as an enhanced productivity tool.

Expert-led seminars on the ProWork® system have transformed the work life of thousands of workers across a wide range of industries.


You will learn how to organizes all pending activities within a seamless system, ensuring control and successful completion. The ProWork course offers highly effective techniques for dealing with paperwork, email, commitments, and internal thinking, while enhancing creativity and flexibility. Participants invariably experience a new sense of relaxed control and greater ability to focus and follow through toward meaningful objectives.


The problem: New demands and insufficient resources

  • The principle: dealing effectively with internal obligations
  • The procedure: navigate actions

The five steps to mastering workflow

  • Capture
  • Process
  • Decide
  • Update
  • Review

ProWork system setup

  • Email management
  • Strategies for converting email to tasks
  • Efficient email archiving
  • Task management
  • Best practices in Task management
  • Context and Due dates
  • How to configure your Software and Apps for productivity
  • Simple, menu – based configuration
  • How to create and manage different views

Tasks versus project management: correlations and principles

  • The model for the natural planning
  • The five phases of project planning
  • Efficient project management
  • Resources and structures that support project-based thinking

Project versus document management: correlations and principles

  • Personal organization: What you need
  • Manage reminders
  • Organize projects using reminders
  • Organize data that requires no action
  • Review: To keep your system functioning
  • To keep the system up to date

Working Methodology

  • How to make the best decisions on what to do
  • Four criteria for deciding what is to be done currently
  • The three-stage model for the assessment of daily work
  • Capturing everything and keep your head free

Personal benefits and Teamwork

  • How to develop institutional knowledge adding value for your team
  • Advantages of thinking in “next action steps”
  • Advantages of aligning oneself to goals and objectives
  • Consequences of being results-oriented
  • Ideas for effective teamwork

Mobility issues

  • Best practices and opportunities for mobile working
  • iOS Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Windows Mobile Apps
  • OWA (Outlook Web Access)
  • LN Web Access and IBM Connections

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