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Effective speedreading with enhanced comprehension

How much time do you spend with reading every week? 15 hours or more? If you improved your reading efficiency with 25%, you will gain 20 days a year!

Participants in the BrainRead course experience a gain in speed and comprehension. Any gain in reading efficiency is a long-term investment with a high Return On Investment. You learn to read more concentrated and with fun! Reading is one of the most important key core competencies you need, with an impact on your job performance, your career and even longevity (OECD study).

Since early 2003, immediate effects have held many hundreds reading skills courses and has established itself as a solution Provider for Personal Productivity trainings with only the best methods for high impact and measurable, lasting results.

Read faster and understand more: with BrainRead you will double or even triple your reading speed and raise your comprehension 30% on average!

Enhanced reading effectiveness

BrainRead® is based on the practice of holistic reading, as it is practiced especially in Scandinavia. Reading skills amongst Scandinavians are far higher than anywhere else, as many academically studies such as PISA has proven. The method is used by many companies and institutions in the German and Anglo-American Markets, as a productivity-enhancing measure.

You will learn new techniques for varying you reading speed and level of comprehension. The specific sequence of theory, paired with numerous reading tests and exercises with our proprietary iPad app, ensures lasting results. The success is sustainable and measurable: your reading efficiency increases by 216% (University of Vienna study 2011).


  • Learn how to read faster and retain more
  • Expand your Effective Reading Rate by a factor 2-3
  • Sift through large amounts of information faster
  • Find important information faster and make better decisions
  • Develop a flexible reading strategy
  • Read with less fatigue and experience less stress
  • Save valuable time every day.

Target Group

Everyone who need to get in control of the daily information digest, learn to read faster and retain more.


  • Physical exercises to prevent obstructive reading habits
  • Improve concentration, reading comprehension and retention
  • Learn and practice different reading strategies developing better information acquisition skills
  • Learn how to tackle difficult (academic) literature or texts with confidence
  • Retain long-term, significant improvements of your reading ability

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