BrainReadBrainRead® – Return On Investment

BrainRead® – Return on investment

How many hours a day do you read every day? In a study conducted by the OECD they came to the conclusion that we tend to read at least for two hours a day, probably more. If BrainRead helps you save only half an hour a day, which would add up to 110 hours a year based on 220 days per year spent in the office, it would mean you save 14 working days per year!

Thus the ROI BrainRead contributes to, is at least € 8.000 per employee and year, if one calculates with an average hourly rate of € 80. This is not bad – we actually offer an In-House Training for less than that – and for up to 12 participants. The ROI of the training is well above a factor 20 compared to the investment!

And this extremely high ROI on the training does not even weight in the most important factor – an enhanced comprehension rate.

The comprehension rate is enhanced by an average of 25%. We actually do not read with much more than a 55% comprehension rate. This is what the results from many thousands of delivered BrainRead courses shows in our evaluations and also proven by many academic studies conducted world-wide over the last 40 years. With a higher comprehension you read more diligently, you reach a better understanding and are able to make better decisions – good decisions that leads to potentially much higher gains than described above expressed in saved time or money.


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