Effective business writing

We often struggle with our writing as it often takes too much time to finish and we are unhappy with the results. This workshop will show you how you can reduce the time and effort of writing and measure the effectiveness of a text, applying the objective clarity index measurement. By writing clearly and concisely, you will get straight to your point in a way your reader can easily comprehend. In order to succeed in your communication task, you need to keep your reader’s attention.

Business communication today depends on effective writing skills. The course is designed to improve your skills at writing business documents, such as memos, letters, general correspondence, reports, applications, proposals, tenders, submissions, instructions, directives, bulletins, articles, manuals, handbooks, text books and much more.

The course is a guide to clear professional writing. It covers the principle aspects of business writing, but is not intended to be comprehensive on the subject of writing. It shows you how to produce clear, concise, readable writings and gives guidance on some of the accepted rules of grammar and punctuation. The course handbook will continue to serve as a handy reference manual to make your writing effortless and effective!


This course aims to help writers in three ways:

  • to write in a style that is easy to read and understand
  • to spend the shortest time possible on writing
  • to produce written documents with a good image that reflect well on your organisation

Target Group

Everyone who writes business correspondence, reports, quotes, email, letters and presentations.


You will learn about the:

  • design and structure of successful texts
  • writing effective headlines and eye-catcher
  • solution-oriented writing
  • use of simple, specific words and how to eliminate unnecessary ones
  • use of appropriate sentence length, correct paragraphing, appropriate voice and style
  • effect of best-practice examples from your own business


This 2-day training course is usually conducted over 4 x 3-hour sessions; however, we can adapt programs to meet your special needs. This delivery schedule is based on a powerful adult learning model that allows participants ample time to practice and consolidate their skills between sessions. In this way, skill enhancement is greater, and retention is improved. Participants also is given a Certificate on completion of this training program.

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