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Most people do not plan their writing. They start without objective and structure, adding thoughts to paper without a plan. The results are mostly not supporting the objective, and you start editing the text, moving blocks of text around, write new passages and add thoughts in an aftermath of chaos, often taking more time than you thought it would to complete the task.

ProWrite helps you to methodically plan you writing step-by-step. In the end you will save valuable time and reach your goal with less effort, thereby engaging the reader with a clear and succinctly written message that leaves a good impression or fulfills your goal of convincing him to do what you set out to achieve with your writing.

You shouldn’t start with the blank page you fear, but with the information you already know — the reason you’re writing: What do you want to accomplish? Sell? Inform? Inspire? Call to action? Once you clearly state the reason you’re writing, the next steps in the process will help you along.

ProWrite training will give you the tools to achieve this. It lays out a clear process for writing anything, from reports, sales material to great email with less stress and better results!

Each session of ProWrite introduces new techniques and builds on the skills developed in the previous sessions. A detailed course-content outline is available upon request.

ProWrite has several outstanding features that set it apart from other writing courses. The workshop addresses a broad business audience, from clerical to executive.


You will benefit from:

  • assessing each participant’s writing needs and uses assessment results to provide individual guidance.
  • a competency-based format that stresses measurable participant performance.
  • learning how to write quickly and effectively when under time constraints.
  • learning to be your own editor.
  • the 20/80 rule by concentrating on the five areas responsible for 80% of all business writing problems.
  • the in-class application of exercises that provides finished, deliverable documents that reflect on the skills learned.
  • developing an individual, lifetime plan for improved writing effectiveness.

Course contents

You will learn how to:

  • prepare for writing
  • use differing structures
  • write without delay; write quickly in good plain English
  • polish your writing
  • avoid discrimination
  • help the reader obtain good, quick understanding
  • get the action your writings seek
  • be a much better communicator in written English


Bring some examples of your own writing with you. For the writing exercises you may bring a Laptop with you, or we will provide pen and paper.

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