ProWriteProWrite® – Return On Investment

ProWrite® – Return on investment

We always measure the effectiveness of the training and the results achieved by the participants during the training.

Below you will see some typical training results from different customers listed. You will be able to discern how the effectiveness of the participants writing skills was raised by measuring the Clarity Index (CI)* at the beginning of- and at the end of the training.

We usually reach an average improvement of 40-60%. This improvement means that:

  • the participants are able to write faster
  • their writing is to the point and concise
  • their writing is easier to understand for the reader
  • the reader is much more likely to react to the writers’ intentions

Through these achievements, a significant enhancement to quality improvement to your organizations’ efficiency levels are made. Costly misunderstandings and time consuming arguments are saved on a daily basis. Also expect your sales people to do better when writing to their customers and number of complaints escalated to drop.

*The Clarity Index describes how readable a text is. The CI takes the average length of sentences and percentage of difficult words into account. An ideal CI is in the range of 25-35. If lower, the impression of the text will be short and curt that they lose their flow, style and perhaps even meaning. If the CI is higher, the readers’ comprehension will suffer (This text has a CI of 24).

ROI results


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