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Seminar Options

Length and format

Depending on group size, time available software and apps you use, we will tailor your workshop to cover all aspects of effective self-management for your business. 1-2 days of training and workshop activities are usually enough to cover the basics, with a follow-up later on after 4-6 weeks for ensuring successful implementation. The follow-up can alternatively be conducted via web conference.

There are three seminar options:

  1. Two‐day seminar, small to mid‐size group (12 people max), hands‐on. Participants learn the entire system within the one‐day class. Books included.  The two days can either be carried out over 1,5 + 0,5 days or 1 + 1 day.  The second block is intended as a follow-up and includes the concluding survey and a peer-review of the implementation. Further horizons of productivity enhancing best practices are taught and demonstrated.
  1. One‐day seminar, small to mid‐size (12 people max), hands‐on. Participants learn the majority of the system. Focus on Outlook, LN or Software of your choice for the workshop. Workbooks are included.
  1. Half-day large group demonstration/training: variable formats available either hands‐on or not, to transfer core concepts of the system. Participants leave class with the basics. Useful when smaller groups are not practical.

Other start and end times and forms of the seminar are also possible, but must be clarified beforehand in consultation with us. The course can be held anywhere. The venue should be equipped with seats and desks in U-Form or in classroom style, with a video projector and a flipchart.

Participant limitation

The maximum number of participants is limited to 12 people. If more participants are registered, we need to know at latest 2 working days in advance and will be charged pro rata.


English, German, Swedish is possible anytime, with other languages of delivery available upon request.


All materials are provided by us. All documentation is copyrighted protected by immediate effects. Any use outside the limits of copyright law without written consent by immediate effects is punishable. This applies in particular to duplications, translations, microfilming and storage and retrieval systems. The necessary permits are issued for each particular course assignment, and limited to the participants assigned to the course.


Individually agreed upon.


Possible dates are anytime worldwide given 2-3 months’ advance notice.

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