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The benefits

Since the creation of email in the 1970s, its growth has been unprecedented, facilitating quick and easy communication between individuals across borders and time zones, for both business and personal use. But despite its widespread usage and popularity as a communication tool, for some individuals and employers, it can be a source of major frustration, anxiety and lost productivity. As the volume of email continues to rise, many of us are feeling the impact – struggling to prioritize work effectively and constantly being interrupted by the flow of messages and demands, resulting in decreased productivity and stress.

Consider the introduction of formal training or briefings in the use of email, for both new and existing employees. This could be based around your values and aspirations concerning work-life balance, productivity, communication and respect. At a minimum, being clearer about what you expect from email communication as an organization can help reduce ambiguity, increase civility and potentially even reduce the volume of email sent.

The ProMail workshop aims to offer:

  • help to get control over the inbox
  • a strategy for handling the dynamic growth of email volumes
  • a system to manage extensive bulks of information from email
  • tips and tweaks for optimization of your email client
  • methods for writing faster and more action targeted email
  • better writing skills for better results

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