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Effective email correspondence and email management is not an intrinsic skillset we are born with – it is something we learn out of experience to a lesser degree. ProMail addresses these areas by combining the elements of our ProWork and ProWrite programs, with focus solely on writing effective email and managing your inbox priorities.

ProMail has several outstanding features that set it apart from other email courses. By combining writing skills with effective priority management, the participants will learn how to master their inbox fluidly with less stress.

The workshop addresses a broad business audience, from clerical to executive.

Course contents

Module 1

  • The problems with email and reasons for an overflowing inbox
  • The advantages of task management versus inbox chaos
  • Reconfiguring your email management system
  • Hands-on exercises

Module 2

  • Introducing ProMail® email management system
  • Identifying your four urgency zones
  • How to track and manage tasks inside your urgency zones using task management
  • Using the ProMail® email management system to get total control of your tasks and priorities
  • The importance of using due dates versus calendar
  • Managing deadlines effectively
  • Converting email to tasks: the key to an empty inbox
  • Using next actions to manage work and get priorities right
  • Hands-on exercises

Module 3

  • design and structure of successful email
  • action-oriented writing
  • writing effective subject lines
  • how to use simple, specific words and how to eliminate unnecessary ones
  • about appropriate sentence length, correct paragraphing, appropriate voice and style
  • Hands-on Exercises


Participants should bring their own laptop or tablets to the course.

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