Weekly review


How I Do my Weekly Review A good weekly review is important for me to stay productive and in control of my life. It allows me to evaluate my recent actions and plan out the following week. The weekly review also gives me a chance to catch up with everything [...]

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The Insanity of the What-by-When


When you agree to take an action, do you also give others a commitment of when you’ll do it by (the so-called “what-by-when”)?  As much as this practice is generally recommended in today’s business world, allow me to offer a contrary view: This practice has big downsides, and obscures a [...]

The Insanity of the What-by-When2017-03-27T09:31:21+01:00

5 Quick-Start Tips to Help Improve Your Writing


Feel like you’re stuck with the current level of your writing ability? Struggling to get better, or maybe you don’t even know how to go about improving? Then the following 5 quick-start tips to help improve your writing are for you. I’ve personally used them to un-suck-ify my writing within a matter [...]

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