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Prof. (op) Göran Askeljung is also the author of BrainRead – Effective Speed Reading and Director and Senior Trainer at immediate effects. Since 2015 Göran is also a Certified Facilitator und Associate of Consensus in NY, MD of Consensus Austria and Germany and Business Consultant at askeljung.com. Göran is Professor of Practise and Head of the Institute for Sales and Negotiations at the Georgian School of Management (GSOM). He is a member of the Board of Directors for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Austria. Göran is a consultant for The Forum Corporation (UK), eBda (Fr) und Napier Training Associates (UK) and is a Certified Solution Selling® Professional from the SPI University in USA. Göran is also a certified Microsoft Solutions Sales Expert (MSSE) and is an associate lecturer at the Economical University of Vienna, the University of Vienna and the University of Graz in Austria. Having lived in Austria since 1990, Göran has held positions as MD for Microsoft Networks (MSN) in Austria, Framfab and Icon Medialab, as well as various Management positions at Ericsson, T-Systems and Konica Minolta. As a Sales- and Productivity expert, Göran is passionate about developing sustainable efficiency through interactive and well-designed learning experiences. His compassion about his expertise comes from experience as a business owner and through many years in Management. Since 2003 he has built his own L&D business in Austria, designed and developed L&D programs and facilitated for many thousands of people. Göran is married and has two children. Social Media Links: Oxford Encyclopedia | LinkedIn | XING

The Office 365 Collaboration Challenge: “Where is my work?”


How to implement a positive digital culture and ensure staff is prepared for Office 365 collaboration. New Collaboration opportunities in Office365 are not always self-evident. The ROI of a digital strategy investments depends heavily on the employee utilization of the platform. How can we positively influence the development of a [...]

The Office 365 Collaboration Challenge: “Where is my work?”2018-03-15T16:14:03+01:00

Why Some People Are Getting Things Done More Effectively


Why Some People Are Getting Things Done More Effectively For all the talk about our differences and unique experiences, there are some things that everyone shares in common. Time, for one, is a common denominator that underpins all human life.  Gary Keller and Jay Papasan pose a simple question in, The [...]

Why Some People Are Getting Things Done More Effectively2017-07-03T18:56:05+01:00

Six Simple Ways to Create Work/Life Balance


Six Simple Ways to Create Work/Life Balance What is the difference between work and home? For some of us this question is harder to answer than we would like to admit. We are always on, always connected, and always at the beck-and-call of our employers, partners, clients, etc. And since [...]

Six Simple Ways to Create Work/Life Balance2017-07-04T16:55:23+01:00

Getting Things Done with the right priorities and best efficiency


Getting Things Done with the right priorities and best efficiency In my previous blog, I wrote about how to set up a working Task Management System in Outlook. Here I will show you how to work with priorities and projects using your Outlook tasks. Getting Things Done Calendar versus Tasks for [...]

Getting Things Done with the right priorities and best efficiency2017-04-20T19:34:27+01:00

Getting Things Done with Outlook


Like in many companies, I use Outlook. Additional software like third party add-ons aren’t an option because of security concerns. So how am I getting things done with Outlook, process my email and incoming stuff and stay on top of everything? The answer is simple – I just use Outlook, all of [...]

Getting Things Done with Outlook2017-04-28T23:26:33+01:00

Weekly review


How I Do my Weekly Review A good weekly review is important for me to stay productive and in control of my life. It allows me to evaluate my recent actions and plan out the following week. The weekly review also gives me a chance to catch up with everything [...]

Weekly review2016-12-07T21:42:40+01:00

Write Clearly and Concisely


http://sites.ieee.org/pcs/communication-resources-for-engineers/style/write-clearly-and-concisely/ Do you often have to verbally explain something you’ve written? You may not be writing clearly and concisely enough. Use this growing knowledge resource to learn how. What does writing clearly and concisely mean? Writing clearly and concisely means choosing your words deliberately, constructing your sentences carefully, and using [...]

Write Clearly and Concisely2017-03-27T09:33:38+01:00

Workers Spend Half Of Workday Reading – Does Fast Reading Affect Your Eye-Sight?


In a recent study, the Association for Better Reading concludes that office workers are reading on average for 4,7 hours a day. That might seem as a high figure, but when you think about it, it makes sense. Reading is something we do almost constantly, next to other things. When you write, [...]

Workers Spend Half Of Workday Reading – Does Fast Reading Affect Your Eye-Sight?2017-03-27T09:31:31+01:00

The Insanity of the What-by-When


When you agree to take an action, do you also give others a commitment of when you’ll do it by (the so-called “what-by-when”)?  As much as this practice is generally recommended in today’s business world, allow me to offer a contrary view: This practice has big downsides, and obscures a [...]

The Insanity of the What-by-When2017-03-27T09:31:21+01:00

The Fail-Safe Guide to Overcoming Procrastination


Can we please eliminate the word procrastination from our vocabulary? No one ever feels better or more alive by labelling themselves as a procrastinator. Some words flow off the tongue like mellifluous or resplendent, but procrastinate? Yech! Other words reveal a treasure in their origin. Inspiration has its root in “to [...]

The Fail-Safe Guide to Overcoming Procrastination2016-09-01T08:53:14+01:00
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