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Prof. (op) Göran Askeljung is also the author of BrainRead – Effective Speed Reading and Director and Senior Trainer at immediate effects. Since 2015 Göran is also a Certified Facilitator und Associate of Consensus in NY, MD of Consensus Austria and Germany and Business Consultant at askeljung.com. Göran is Professor of Practise and Head of the Institute for Sales and Negotiations at the Georgian School of Management (GSOM). He is a member of the Board of Directors for the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Austria. Göran is a consultant for The Forum Corporation (UK), eBda (Fr) und Napier Training Associates (UK) and is a Certified Solution Selling® Professional from the SPI University in USA. Göran is also a certified Microsoft Solutions Sales Expert (MSSE) and is an associate lecturer at the Economical University of Vienna, the University of Vienna and the University of Graz in Austria. Having lived in Austria since 1990, Göran has held positions as MD for Microsoft Networks (MSN) in Austria, Framfab and Icon Medialab, as well as various Management positions at Ericsson, T-Systems and Konica Minolta. As a Sales- and Productivity expert, Göran is passionate about developing sustainable efficiency through interactive and well-designed learning experiences. His compassion about his expertise comes from experience as a business owner and through many years in Management. Since 2003 he has built his own L&D business in Austria, designed and developed L&D programs and facilitated for many thousands of people. Göran is married and has two children. Social Media Links: Oxford Encyclopedia | LinkedIn | XING

ProWork crash course – 5 easy steps to get started


ProWork (process work) is a complete system for relieving your brain of a lot of the work it is currently doing, which will enable you to relax and as a result of that become more productive and reduce your stress level. Here is a quick review of how ProWork works, in [...]

ProWork crash course – 5 easy steps to get started2017-03-27T09:30:47+01:00

‘Ogooglebar’ … and 14 Other Swedish Words We Should Incorporate Into English Immediately


Today brought the news that Google has officially objected to one of the best words that has ever graced this planet: ogooglebar, which translates -- if such a glorious word must be subjugated to the indignities of translation -- to "ungoogleable." That the wondrous word is Swedish is unsurprising. Many of the world's [...]

‘Ogooglebar’ … and 14 Other Swedish Words We Should Incorporate Into English Immediately2016-09-01T08:54:20+01:00

How to fight piles of files – or the 6 rules of filing


“Why is it that paper and stuff keep piling up on my desk?”, I wondered. After starting to process my stuff on a daily basis for many years now, I realized my workflow was askew and somewhat not working properly. “Filing stuff should be fun and easy”. After some time [...]

How to fight piles of files – or the 6 rules of filing2016-12-13T18:12:34+01:00

Focus on the “End Game”!


The other day, I had a group of IT savvy people in the room talking about ProWork. We did a follow-up on a training I did with them a month earlier. I was amazed by the level of thought and commitment they had put in over the month to get [...]

Focus on the “End Game”!2016-09-01T08:55:50+01:00

Annoyingly slow reading


Isn't it annoying? You just can't go faster even if it is so exciting, like you're reading the latest Dan Brown yarn or something and just want to know what's on the next page the whole time. Well, welcome to the effects of having learned how to read in school [...]

Annoyingly slow reading2017-03-27T09:17:32+01:00

9 easy steps to achieve total control over your life


I gave a lecture yesterday, and as I was starting to speak I looked out and saw faces consumed with fatigue and stress.  It’s finals time, and the students are suffering.  So, rather than talk about what I had planned, I switched gears and gave an impromptu lesson on ProWork, [...]

9 easy steps to achieve total control over your life2017-03-27T09:30:47+01:00

5 Quick-Start Tips to Help Improve Your Writing


Feel like you’re stuck with the current level of your writing ability? Struggling to get better, or maybe you don’t even know how to go about improving? Then the following 5 quick-start tips to help improve your writing are for you. I’ve personally used them to un-suck-ify my writing within a matter [...]

5 Quick-Start Tips to Help Improve Your Writing2016-12-13T18:12:35+01:00
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