Weekly review


How I Do my Weekly Review A good weekly review is important for me to stay productive and in control of my life. It allows me to evaluate my recent actions and plan out the following week. The weekly review also gives me a chance to catch up with everything [...]

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Workers Spend Half Of Workday Reading – Does Fast Reading Affect Your Eye-Sight?


In a recent study, the Association for Better Reading concludes that office workers are reading on average for 4,7 hours a day. That might seem as a high figure, but when you think about it, it makes sense. Reading is something we do almost constantly, next to other things. When you write, [...]

Workers Spend Half Of Workday Reading – Does Fast Reading Affect Your Eye-Sight?2017-03-27T09:31:31+01:00

The Fail-Safe Guide to Overcoming Procrastination


Can we please eliminate the word procrastination from our vocabulary? No one ever feels better or more alive by labelling themselves as a procrastinator. Some words flow off the tongue like mellifluous or resplendent, but procrastinate? Yech! Other words reveal a treasure in their origin. Inspiration has its root in “to [...]

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How to fight piles of files – or the 6 rules of filing


“Why is it that paper and stuff keep piling up on my desk?”, I wondered. After starting to process my stuff on a daily basis for many years now, I realized my workflow was askew and somewhat not working properly. “Filing stuff should be fun and easy”. After some time [...]

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Focus on the “End Game”!


The other day, I had a group of IT savvy people in the room talking about ProWork. We did a follow-up on a training I did with them a month earlier. I was amazed by the level of thought and commitment they had put in over the month to get [...]

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Annoyingly slow reading


Isn't it annoying? You just can't go faster even if it is so exciting, like you're reading the latest Dan Brown yarn or something and just want to know what's on the next page the whole time. Well, welcome to the effects of having learned how to read in school [...]

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9 easy steps to achieve total control over your life


I gave a lecture yesterday, and as I was starting to speak I looked out and saw faces consumed with fatigue and stress.  It’s finals time, and the students are suffering.  So, rather than talk about what I had planned, I switched gears and gave an impromptu lesson on ProWork, [...]

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